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We have a range of quality hire bikes for all riders

We take pride in offering a highest standard of hire bike in the area. Each bike has been handpicked to suit the terrain. Scroll through the list of bikes below to find the perfect ride for you. All of our bikes are professionally maintained by our top mechanics to ensure they are in tip top condition for your enjoyment.


Standard Hardtails   -  £25 for up to 3 hours / £35 for the day
Full Suspension £40 for up to 3 hours / £50 for the day
Premium Full Suspension  -  £50 for up to 3 hours / £60 for the day
Electric Bikes  -  £50 for up to 3 hours / £60 for the day
Childrens  -  £15 for up to 3 hours / £20 for the day

More Info

For all bikes we require photo ID and a loss or damage deposit. The amount of this deposit will vary depending on the value of bike being hired. £200 deposit is required for a standard bike and a £1000 deposit for full suspension, premium and electric bike.

Please make sure you have read and understood our terms and conditions before booking.

Full day rental 9:00am to 4:00pm

3 hour rental, bike can be collected any time between 9.00am and 1.00pm

We have five categories to choose from.  

- 'Standard Hard Tail bikes' which are the Trek Roscoe 7. 
- 'Full Suspension bikes', the Trek Remedy 7,Trek Fuel EX8+ & Trek Full Stache.
- 'Premium Full suspension bikes' which are a collection of the absolute best bikes money can buy.  
- 'Electric bikes' for those who need some pedal assistance.Trek Powerfly LT 7 Plus.
- 'Childrens bikes which are Trek Roscoe 20's and 24's 

All of our bikes are suitable for use on all of our trails on Cannock Chase with the exception of Stile Cop downhill area.

Bikes will only be issued to the person if they have booked the right size, please refer to our size guide

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